Principal of Reiki Healing: A guide to the basics of reiki Healing


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The phrase Reiki way mysterious environment, impressive signal. It comes from the Japanese phrases rei (commonplace) and ki (lifestyles power). Reiki is a form of electricity healing.Energy recuperation targets the strength fields around the frame.According to practitioners, strength can stagnate inside the frame wherein there has been bodily harm or likely emotional ache. In time, those power blocks can reason illness.Energy medication goals to assist the waft of energy and do away with blocks in a comparable manner to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the float of power across the frame, say practitioners, can allow relaxation, lessen ache, pace recovery, and reduce other symptoms of illness. Reiki has been round for lots of years. Its cutting-edge form changed into first evolved in 1922 with the aid of a Japanese Buddhist known as Mikao Usui, who reportedly taught 2,000 people the Reiki method at some point of his lifetime. The practice unfold to the U.S. Through Hawaii in the Forties, after which to Europe within the Eighties.It is commonly referred to as palm recuperation or fingers-on recovery.

Dr. Mikao usui told the other healers that,”first of all you must be healthy before healing others so, take your own responsibility of well being and health”. He gave five principal of reiki :

1.just for today, i will not be angry.(Anger is the feeling of irritation,displeasure and annoyance.Anger can be a huge force that can create blockage in one’s energy.Due to this anger, we feel more negative which increase negativity)

2.Just for today, i will not worry.(Worries are getting afraid of the future reflects to the images,thoughts and emotions of negativeness. we should think more about the appropriate action to take place and remove this worry.)

3.just for today, i will be grateful for my many blessings.(Human should be grateful to God for whatever he/she achieved.Human should appreciate the blessing that he/she got in life.Thus, by greeting to God for his/ her achievements will spread positive vibrations through out his/her mind and soul.This also improve a person’s dealing with difficult situations calmly.)

4.just for today, i will do my work honestly.(An honest person is full of self esteem and encourage to work hard.He/she never harm any person and will respect others and is always Thankful to God.This kind of persons will have positive thoughts. you and only you can find out about your potentials.Everyone should take the appropriate efforts to achieve it but with a good mindset.Any unethical ways should be avoided.)

5.Just for today, i will be kind to every living being.(we all should respect others and show kindness . we should treat to all living things with kindness and respect.we should be liberal of the way the others choose to live their life.)

The above said are considered as the principal of reiki and one’s should recall them before applying reiki in life.

A little History about  the basic of  Reiki Healing

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Dr.Mikao Usui Sensei was the founder of spiritual  energy. It is believed that Mr Sensei went to the mountain Kurama-yama to do fasting and meditation and during this time he activated his crown chakras which is present in the head.It is believed that after around 21 days of meditation, a light energy entered to him through his head due to which he experience a different energy in himself and can feel the consciousness of the universe.The belief also depicts that during these 21 days Mr. Usui got a miraculously high frequency spiritual energy as assumed as the power of  ‘reiki’.After that, he was able to treat people mentally,physically and emotionally too.After this Mr. Usui treated many people and opened training centres in different places. He also trained many other people to become a Reiki Practitioners so that they can also become a part of healing more number of people and spread the impact of reiki energy to the world.
After Mr. Usui, his student Chujiro Hayashi played a great role to transmitting Reiki out of Japan and make it famous to the world as a non religious practise. . Hayashi trained Hawayo Takata and let the Reiki flow to Hawaii.
Hawayo Hiromi Takata, bring the spiritual practices of Reiki to the Western World. She become a  Grand Master Teacher (

Three Degrees about the basics of  Reiki

Dr.Usui Sensei divided the Reiki healing method into three different levels or degrees of learning. Each level is based on the initial learning level and then allows students to develop within them thereafter. Anyone can receive training in Reiki.

First Degree /stage (Shoden)
The first level of Reiki is basic and gentle, yet life changing introduction to the Reiki energy. Dr. Usui taught his students how to heal yourself at this first degree and this level is based very much as he intended. Students receives four ‘attunements’ by a ‘Reiki Masters’, which aligns the students with the Reiki energy and enable them to channel Reiki to themselves and even with family and friends. During this first stage of learning, student are introduced to the reiki principal and encouraged to follow them. They are also exposed of some reiki energy exercise which they are asked to carry out on a daily routines. The energy centre of the body, named as ‘Chakras’, are introduced and their importance in the healing process is taught during this level. The exercise of mindfulness is also taught during this stage, as this part of the teaching is so too much necessary for their student’s continued growth. The first level is taught over one or two day period. After that, students will be confidently treat themselves with Reiki and also able to treat their family and friends. Reiki One is the foundation of many positive change for each and every student as they start to heal their own lives on numerous levels. For those who may wish to go further can do so by learning the next degree of Reiki, ideally one should leave a minimum of three months between levels.

Second level/Degree (Okuden)
second level of Reiki is considered a Practitioner level. During this level, student received two additional ‘attunements’ by a Reiki Master, which then rises their vibration to a higher level. The energy now id directed towards more self healing and also treating of other people, as a Reiki Practitioner. A more deeper of the Chakras (energy centre) are taught to students and they are also shown how to feel the changes in energy.This process then enables them to scan a person’s body before any treatment. The Reiki symbols are introduced and students are shown how to apply them, increasing their focus and intention whilst carrying out any of their treatments. Students are encouraged to begin using and relying a bit more on their intuitions and intentions to heal. The Reiki energy knows what it is doing and where to go, so students are taught that it’s very simple to apply the energy. Distance healing is also taught during this level and students are encouraged to use this form of healing to enhance both their own live and also to benefits the planet earth and all those that live within it.

Third Level/Degree Master degree (Shinpiden)
The third level of Reiki basically known as Master level enables the students to become a Reiki Master, over a period of time. This degree is mostly taught in two different parts, the first part is where the student becomes a Reiki master and the second is where the student learns how to teach Reiki, hence becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. In this level students are ‘attuned’ to the Master level, which is a powerful and beautiful attunement. This raises again the student’s energy vibration to an even more higher level and enhances the Reiki skills previously taught. Students are taught the Master symbols, which can then be used in the attunement process of others, Meditation as a practice, is positively taught at this level, among with further energy exercises. This level is more about deepening the understanding of the Reiki energy, being more consciously mindful, developing intuition further and consciously working with intention. Reiki Master is like taking another step along the road of spiritual development. The Reiki energy allows for continued personal growth and empowerment, which strengthens and enhances your life on a continual basis. At this level, the energies continue to increase and learning becomes a much deeper experience.


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