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Hello and welcome to my site!

About me .Hello Everyone My name is Viny. I live in Sydney Australia.First of all a warm welcome to my site!

Now, i want to ask you :”Did you look after yourself”? “Did you find yourself a healthy and wealthy person from all kind and all means”?

Well,I do look at myself and  by looking i mean the overall look of myself including  inner health and outer health.(inner health is spiritual health and outer health is the physical health)As you know, these days, numerous people are diagnosed with blood pressure, diabetes, sugar , cancer,obesity,baldness, skin problems etc. and many more health related problems.Some  got them as inheritance from their ancestors and some got them by their unhealthy habits. (Eating lots of junk food, not eating properly,putting Stress etc.As the time grew,we all are getting trapped into the so called web of the health issues. Life is important and we should love it and live it .and Enjoy it…. we need to look after us.We should look after our Time and Do Good Things within the Time…I also believe in “Do Good and Have Good.”.Its all about carrying a good health.

.Check out  the newspapers ,  you will definitely read about someone with health related problem . If you compare the present along with the past you will found that there was very less cases of these health issues. But now a days, this numbers become almost more than double from the past.This is an indication which tell us that we should fish out some time for our-self . To improve our overall Health.

What can you expect about this website 

In this website i am going to tell you about “The Life”Life is very uncertain. There also a say about life which is like

“Life is not a bed of roses”

This means life (Human’s Life) is uncertain. We should try to look after it and by saying so i mean we need to fish out some time to take care of our entire health. There are numerous number of factors which contribute towards health issues but i an not going to tell abut the reasons behind them infect, i want to explore some of the techniques that one can use and get him/her a healthy life. There is a say “A healthy mind resides  in a healthy body”.

Reiki which is a self Healing tool for all Humankind. Reiki is associated with nature just like yoga.Actually, i would like to add that yoga and reiki are some kind of Techniques used to improve our health system.I will also show you some of the Reiki Symbols. How can one use them and Heal your self. A few more about me, why I want to make a website about Reiki and being Healthy. I am a 2nd degree reiki practioner Based on my expereince,i know that many of us needs to adopt this in life.it will surely benefits you. i know you will say Thanks to me too so will get in touch soon.

I strongly believe in Reiki and its Symbols. Positive thinking is the first stepping stone towards any directions you want to go  and passion is the second key towards achieving it.we all  are having lot of stress due to our routine and Reiki can prove to be a stress buster.Thanks once again for reading my about me page.

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Once again thank you for visiting my site and all the best to you!

Cheers 🙂